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Firegen Log Analyzer

Firegen 4 Firewall Log Analyzer is a log analyzer designed to replicate the steps that a “real world” firewall administrator would take in analyzing firewall logs.

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Firegen has saved so much time and money. I can nail down issues in minutes rather than days. I read the logs from all 3 firewalls everyday looking for anomalies. It’s the best product we got, it never fails. We are parsing 600 Mb – 1 Gb log files every night with this and it rocks

Ryan JacobsonSenior Network EngineerWikimedia

I think your product is outstanding. Every morning, I have two emails waiting for me. One for the event logs, and the other for the firewall logs (Firegen). I recommend you guys every chance I get. You make my life MUCH easier.

Eric B. RuxInformation Systems Manager, Microsoft MVPMediaConsult